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Entrepreneurship is not a goal or purpose
But it was a hobby for engineering and with learning and deepening in it.
Until we took the first steps of professionalism by establishing our first workshop, in 2004, for metal works such as turning, cutting and welding.
These accelerated steps led to involvement in engineering production or, more precisely, entrepreneurship.
And the steps were growing and accelerating until we planned a significant step in establishing the first factory in 2015 under the name of Micron.
Successes came after the success
And great agreements and cooperation and greater partnerships with giant entities, such as Samsung and Schneider.
But as usual economic and the theory of the natural curve, the market cracked, changing economic and political conditions and their impact has led us to think outside the normal that maintains an entity that was born with a passion for merging with GoldTrade Company.

This alliance provided the necessary support and resistance to cross and continue the successes to complete the path that began,that was the reason for the appearance of the entity to what it has reached today, and the rise of Tesendler as an Egyptian brand business with an international regional presence, based on the dreams of the past, the pursuit of the present, and the hopes of the future.
that was proved by forming agreements and establishing external agencies in Oman with Al-Jafri Contracting Company , and M&A Company for Trade and Supplies, New York, USA.
This appeared in our excellence in the production of electrical distribution panels.
And the manufacture of mechanical spare parts for production lines that serve giant industries, such as the iron and cement industry ,and targeting the various national projects and infrastructure projects.

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With over 20 years of experience, Tesendler specialized in mechanical design and manufacturing in several industrial sectors, using modern techniques of reverse engineering, in addition to steel structure, Metalwork, rubber industries, Spare parts and Feeding industries along with a wide range of infrastructure projects in Power, Railway and general industry projects.


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You can trust our team and the quality and professionalism of our work.